[LXM] Lily Ex Machina Chapter 123

Chapter 123 can be found HERE.

Not very long chapter this time, and the back bit might be a bit filler-ish. Apologies about that. I really wanted to give the first section its own chapter, but it was way too short to stand on its own as a chapter. At the same time, I didn’t want to start on the next event because it would go against the way I’ve been structuring this story all along.

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina 122

Chapter 122 found HERE.

In all honesty, I had every intention of dragging out this little drama for several chapters, but then I realised that doing so would be rather pointless; it’s a small disagreement, not some major drama.

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina Chapter 118

Merry Christmas, friends!

Chapter 118 found HERE.

In this chapter: Public Speaking.

Announcement: Good news and bad news for you. The bad news: it’s Christmas, so I’ll have family obligations and therefore won’t be able to post. As such, there will be no Tuesday release for the upcoming week >< sorry! The good news: This chapter isn’t a cliffhanger, so a delay is okay, right?! XD (no it’s not. /defenestrated  ; ;  )

Anyway, release will return to regular schedule next weekend. Sorry for that, and merry Christmas to you all!

[LXM] Lily Ex Machina Chapter 116

Chapter 116 found HERE

In this chapter: Reminiscence. Love. Dreams. Change.

Also, I finally got some official character art done for Lily and Iris! I’ve uploaded cropped versions to the character page, but I’ll put the full images here~

I’m hoping I don’t have to specify who is who, or that would mean my descriptive abilities suck 😡

Anyway, this art was commissioned from the incredibly talented alfiansyah (is the handle I know them by, may go by something else), so many thanks for that~

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