[SEly] Seeking Elysium Volume 1 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 found HERE.

More negotiation things, as well as a bit of description.

I’m not entirely sure why I ended up going into so much detail about the inn. It just kind of happened.

…This seems to be happening with increasing frequency lately. First the whole tea thing, and now 700 words describing an inn. Maybe […]

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[SEly] Seeking Elysium Volume 1 Chapter 29

Chapter 29 found HERE.

In this chapter: timeskip time. I love timeskips \o/

Also, this Sunday’s release might be skipped, because school just started and I’m currently drowning in readings. Things should get better once I settle myself back into the pace of school again, but for this week, at least, I’m afraid I’m unable to […]

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[SEly] Seeking Elysium Volume 1 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 found HERE.

Seeking Elysium is an idol novel.

No, really. It’s actually an idol novel.

I’m not lying. It’s going to be SoL idol things the whole way.

I’m totally not planning to throw in a plot development in a completely different direction or anything.

It’s true.

Anyway, if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on […]

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