[LXM] Lily Ex Machina 150 [END] + Epilogue + Afterword + AMA + Announcements.

And here we are. The final chapter can be found HERE. Please do read the epilogue and afterword by hitting “NEXT” on the bottom of the page.

Couple announcements to make today, so I’ll start with the more fun one, I guess. I’ll be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything)! For the next week (or […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina 149

Chapter 149 found HERE.

Almost there! In the home stretch. This is the second-last chapter! I can’t believe I’ve managed to write this thing for over a year!

Next chapter will be the last chapter. There might be a slight delay in me getting it out, but that’s primarily because I’m planning to release that chapter […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina Chapter 147

Chapter 147 found HERE.

In this chapter: I thoroughly regret my initial foolish decision of giving Hina a katana OTL

This chapter was late, but… uh… well… yeah. I had an exam yesterday, which I’m pretty sure I did terribly for, and now I’m sad :c

Anyway, in happier news, I have the final piece of art […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina 133

Chapter 133 can be found HERE.

I apologise for the late release, but life’s been kicking me in the side recently. As such, so as to allow me to get my life together and stop being painfully massacred by college assignments, there will be no release this Tuesday. I’ll resume the regular release schedule on […]

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So a couple weeks back I promised a map. After numerous revisions and a good number of back-and-forth critique, the map of Jin-Asalys is now, officially, finished!!!

You can find it HERE.

Many many thanks to Renflowergrapx for her work on this~

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New Site Design

Hi all~

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the site design has changed a bit! I made a couple changes to make the site feel more responsive. You might notice that it doesn’t look very different – that’s intentional. The design philosophy for this version, as with the previous one, is one of minimalism, with […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina Chapter 118

Merry Christmas, friends!

Chapter 118 found HERE.

In this chapter: Public Speaking.

Announcement: Good news and bad news for you. The bad news: it’s Christmas, so I’ll have family obligations and therefore won’t be able to post. As such, there will be no Tuesday release for the upcoming week >< sorry! The good news: This chapter isn’t […]

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