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An original story by ExtantLily.


Lily Voirgaire is a girl born with extraordinary talent in a field of magic largely considered useless. She was content with that, happy simply to work diligently towards her goal, her dream of becoming a machinist, a creator of non-magical constructs. She loved her work, and she was good at it. She would spend every day working to get better at her craft, and would eventually become the best machinist in the land!

That was what she thought. That was what was supposed to happen.

But then an accident leaves her with a grave injury and tosses her leagues from her home city. This is the story of her journey.


[Rated 15+ for slight gore, cursing, and slight sexual content. THIS WORK CONTAINS HOMOSEXUALITY.]

Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Yuri, Family, Romance , Tragedy

Tags: Dragons, Female Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist


Table of Contents

Character List

EPub, compiled by Japzone!
Creative Commons License
Lily Ex Machina by ExtantLily is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

  • tottiy

    referred by Scrya!
    pdf plz?

    • ExtantLily

      Welcome o/

      I noted you asked about a pdf version; at the moment I have no plans to put it in pdf format due to the time and effort required. I’ll put it on my (excessively long) to-do list, though.

      • Japzone

        I’ll work on an EPUB if you want. Don’t care much for PDFs myself, but EPUBs can easily be converted into one if needed.

        • ExtantLily

          O-Oh. It would be very much appreciated, but I feel bad for imposing like that…

          • Japzone

            Nah, I make EPUBs all the time for myself. As long as a site doesn’t use a bunch of stupid HTML formatting and properly puts its CSS into stylesheets instead of inline, then it isn’t hard to make an EPUB out of it. Almost straight copy and paste. And since I wanted to get around to finish reading LXM now that it’s done, I’d be making an EPUB for my convenience anyway. Let me know if there’s any extra images or things you want to include. Also let me know if you have a cover you want me to use, otherwise I’ll probably just make a generic one.

            You can contact me more reliably through Discord here:

          • ExtantLily

            First off, let me reiterate how grateful I am for this. I am immensely grateful for this offer. I have no idea how to work ePUBs, meself. I’ll get in touch with you on Discord at a later date, but for now…

            I have no cover image available for Lily Ex Machina – I’ve been intending to commission one for ages, but a lack of funds and a higher prioritisation of character/scene art meant that I have yet to do so. I might get a cover at some point, but for now, a generic cover would be fine. Additionally, all images that would fit into the story are already in the story pages themselves, so you can just use those. Lemme know when you’re done, so I can bundle in somewhat-exclusive content!

          • Japzone

            Once you get on Discord I’ll give you the prototype and you can give me feedback on it. Also let me know if you have a higher quality version of the Demon Continent Map, the one you have on the site is a bit blurry and I usually like to add the maximum quality I can find for the images.

      • tottiy
  • Lemegeton424

    Hi! Hi! I read your novel and I liked it a lot, that’s why I’d like to ask your permission to translate it into Spanish. Of course, you will receive all the credits

    • ExtantLily

      oh, go for it! Not too sure how some of the terminology I use might translate, though…