Hi! I’m ExtantLily, also known as AcquiHime, an aspiring writer and teacher. This blog will serve as a place for me to host my fictions, the first of which is the one I am currently in the midst of writing, Lily Ex Machina. As time goes on, I will also add on to the blog with a Codex containing world info for the world of Lily Ex Machina (LXM), as well as the rest of my future works, as well as my oneshots, and whatever other creative content I feel like creating. My main interests in terms of content creation lie in writing and spriting, so do keep a lookout for that ^^

As a writer, naturally, there are certain genres which I gravitate toward. These are, in order of enjoyment: Romance, Fantasy, Yuri, Drama, Psychological, Tragedy.

For now, I’ll be posting multiple updates in short succession to let the library here catch up with the one on RoyalRoadL (59 chapters :O ) If you’re new to the series, then welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve written. If you’re an existing reader, thank you for visiting my site, it means a lot to me, truly ^^

Now, do note that I’m still experimenting with themes, fonts, and images, so the layout and appearance of this site might change occasionally, at least for this first bit of the site’s lifespan, when we’re starting out. I do seek your understanding > w <

Well, running and managing a blog is a new experience for me, so this should be fun. I hope you enjoy your time here ^^