You can find this week’s chapter HERE.

I actually consulted a field specialist to get some information on how houses in general are built, then re-imagined it such that it could apply in a less technologically advanced setting with magic. So they’re using modern construction methods, but without modern equipment. Hooray for magic! Hopefully, I didn’t get it too wrong/inaccurate :s

Also, at this point, I expect a number of readers might be starting to feel impatient with the slow pace I’m taking at this junction in the story. This pacing is deliberate. I’m trying to capture the time and effort it takes for Lily to build herself a home in this foreign continent. This slowness will go on for a bit, but I’ll be interspersing bits of world information and character relationship development in between. There’ll also be a plot reveal soon-ish, but not for the next ten or so chapters. If I had to name this arc I’d call it the “Slice of Life” arc. I hope you stick with me, despite the slow pacing, as we take this story to its conclusion.

Also, I might be upping my release cycle to three times a week soon. No promises, but I’m looking into managing my scheduling to make it happen.