Chapter 112 found HERE.

Great news: My finals ended. Don’t think I did too well, but meh, all in the past. More importantly though, that means we’re back to regular twice-a-week release schedule, at least for the next few months, anyway.

Even more great news: With the extremely generous contribution of one Mad Maddy, ExtantVision’s Patreon has breached the first two major milestones! What does this mean? This means two things.

) I’ll be releasing one short story a month, detailing things I skipped over within the story, or perhaps telling the stories of the numerous little side characters I’ve introduced throughout the narrative. I have a number of ideas for these, and you should be seeing at least the first one by the end of the month. These side stories will continue even after LxM concludes and I start publishing the sequel, but whether they will be about the characters in LxM or in the follow up is currently undecided. I might do a mix of both.

2) I’ll be commissioning a map for LxM! I’m already contacting numerous artists for price quotes and discussions, and again, you should be seeing a pretty map of Jin-Asalys relatively soon. Hooray!

Anyway, as always, if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon, and I hope you enjoy this week’s chapter.