Hi all~

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the site design has changed a bit! I made a couple changes to make the site feel more responsive. You might notice that it doesn’t look very different – that’s intentional. The design philosophy for this version, as with the previous one, is one of minimalism, with as few extra elements on the page as possible, so that readers can focus on what matters: the story. In the previous layout, the sidebar kind of conflicted with this philosophy, which I couldn’t really fix due to not having the necessary technical know-how. In this version, I’ve shifted everything that was there to the bottom, so the text can now take center stage. As always, a big thank you to my Patrons for their extremely generous support, and I hope I can continue to meet your expectations!

Oh, one more thing: New site designs always come with bugs and mess ups, so if you spot anything unusual on any page, please let me know! Thanks!