Chapter 30 found HERE~

As expected, a combination of school and a short bout of fever kept me from pushing this out on time ; ; Sorry ><

As a sort of apology, I’m uploading the next piece of art that I’ve commissioned – again, it’s character art, and again, it’s done by the same artist (alfiansyah). I’ve mentioned previously that I’m commissioning the art for another character prior to Ely, so here she is~


I’m sure this character needs no introduction for most of you, but in the unlikely case that you’re reading SEly without reading LxM prior to it, this is the titular character Lily, in the form she assumes at the end of the story. How she got this form – well, it’s best to read for yourself. ^^

I’m still working on the character page for SEly, but once I get the art for Ely I’ll get it up and running – I’m taking a different approach from what I did for LXM, so that should be fun.

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