Sorry for the last two weeks of silence, I got caught up in the Christmas mood immediately after coming back from my overseas trip and ended up playing more games than is strictly healthy.

In addition, I’ll also be away for the next five days or so, so there’s not going to be a release this Saturday either. Very sorry, please understand.

As a sort of apology for the wait and an advance apology for the upcoming delay, today’s release is a triple release, so I hope that you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me m(_ _)m

Today’s release contains chapters 17 – 19, but I’m only going to link to 17, which can be found HERE.

Moving on the the actual chapters, I was originally thinking about writing a Christmas special.

…Then I realised that the people in that world had no reason to celebrate Christmas, so there went that idea.

Probably the next time I do a special will be Valentine’s. Maybe.