And so we come to the end of the 2nd Volume of this work. Once again, an Editor’s Note is appended to the back, which may answer certain questions. Once again, I’m going to take a short break to recuperate and clear my mind. The next volume of Seeking Elysium will debut on the 4th of February. Last chapter found HERE.

I’ve mentioned this previously, but Volumes 2 and 3 were originally meant to be a single volume. But trying to find a narrative balance between Glint’s development and the upcoming plot developments proved to be very hard, especially since I ended up spending more time than expected on Glint’s arc. As a result, I’ve taken the plot developments intended for this volume and shoved it into another Volume, which then let me focus more on Glint for this volume. In retrospect, the Volume title was pretty accurate. Hooray, me!

What this means, of course, is that the plot will finally be moving forward in Volume 3. The pace so far has been pretty laid-back for the party. This is likely to change in Volume 3. The happy times are coming to an end. In terms of length, I’m expecting Volume 3 to be roughly the same length as Volume 2, perhaps slightly longer. Depends on how much filler character development I can write before getting to the main dish.

Therefore, I’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me thus far. I hope you continue to enjoy my work, and I hope I can continue to meet your expectations with Seeking Elysium.

Now, in completely unrelated news (literally), I’ve started work on a new LitRPG Isekai series that’s meant to be a distraction from SEly. I’ll be working on it very sporadically, which basically means I’ll be adding to it whenever I feel like it. It’s meant to serve as a break from SEly, and a place for all my LitRPG-trope-esque ideas to gather. I’m not putting in nearly as much effort into this work as I am for SEly, so if you expect it to be as good as SEly, I’d advise toning down those expectations. Similarly, I’ll also head off expectations here by stating that unlike for SEly, there will be no release schedule for this series.

I highly doubt that it’ll be good, but I hope that it will be entertaining if nothing else. I’ll probably start posting it up soon, but until then, here’s the synopsis:


A microtransaction revolution that has taken over the mobile gaming market, offering the chance to attain powerful in-game items in exchange for a small amount of money. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless. A risky gamble, to be sure, but one that costs so little with each try that it ensnares all who fall prey to its siren song.

For some, the [Gacha] is a harbinger of doom. For others, it is a power that elevates them above their peers.

For Brynhildr Weber, it is a form of solace. Suffering from suffocating expectations and a harsh working environment, with the troubles of being someone who looks different from her peers, compounded by an unfortunate name bestowed by well-meaning parents, Brynhildr finds recourse in the little gambles of the [Gacha], the little spikes of happiness that it grants her.

But when she finds a new [Gacha] game on her phone, everything changes. She’s sent to another world, a world of fantasy and magic. Moreover, she’s granted a class that fits her perfectly.

“You know what? If there’s even a 1% chance of becoming happy here, I’m taking it. I’ll seize that 3% SSR chance to attain [Happiness]!”

And so began the tale of the world’s first, and only, [Gachamancer].

The story’s tentative title is I’ll Seize the 3%! As you might have guessed, the gimmick of this story is that I’ll be deciding pretty much everything by pure RNG. Her weapons, jobs, quests, party members and so on. All decided by a random number generator. No current date on when I’ll start releasing, but look forward to it, I guess.