Aaaand we’re back. The first subchapter of Volume 4 can be found HERE.

You’ll notice that I called it a subchapter, rather than a chapter. That’s because I’m doing something different this time.

Since Volume 3 left our deuteragonists in two different situations, Volume 4 is going to attempt to follow both their stories at the same time. Each chapter will consist of 2 subchapters, labelled a and b. All the a chapters will be narrated by one character, all the b chapters will be narrated by another. In other words, Volume 4 is going to be my attempt at writing two parallel plotlines and volumes at the same time. It’s by far the most ambitious experiment I’ve ever attempted, but here’s hoping that it goes well :s

In any case, release schedule will be as normal, except I’ll be releasing two subchapters a week, rather than two chapters. That said, a subchapter is the length of one of my regular chapters, so it really shouldn’t make much of a difference, except you’ll need to get used to the POV shifting every chapter. It might be a little confusing at first, but hopefully it works out.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for continuing to read my work; it means a lot to me, and I’ll strive to continue to produce work that lives up to your expectations.

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