Hey guys. Long time no see.

I haven’t posted on this site in over a month, and so I figured that I owe y’all an explanation for my recent inactivity. In case you don’t care and just want to read the next chapter, you can find it HERE.

Now, for the aforementioned explanation. I will begin by saying that it is largely due to procrastination and laziness on my part, and I apologise for that. That said, there were certain other circumstances that have dragged out my lack of updates for even longer than usual, and I hope to share some of them with you.

To start off, I’m now living in Tokyo! For the next 4 months, at least. I got accepted for a student exchange programme and am now living and studying in Japan! This move was one reason for my prolonged inactivity – preparing for the trip took up a large proportion of my time, and while I could have spent my free time writing, I am ashamed to admit that I instead spent it gaming.

The second reason is that I have recently started working on two new projects; the first being a fan translation of several Japanese Tabletop RPGs, a genre that I’ve gotten heavily into since moving here and finding a couple books at a local game store, and the second being another possible webnovel that’s a bit more Cultivation-style. The latter is still a work in progress, and while I intend to realise it as a proper webnovel in due time, I’m not putting in any substantial work into it until I’m done with SEly. That said, this new idea is taking up a considerable portion of my brain space, making it a little harder to focus on SEly.

The third reason is probably the most distressing – I’ve decided to scrap what I originally had in mind for SEly’s ending. This decision arose after careful contemplation of the relationships I’ve set up between my characters, as well as the way I’ve had the story flow in Volume 4. My originally intended ending is now untenable – at least, not without being contrived. I have, of course, thought of a new ending, but that requires me to rework a significant number of plot paths I had planned, and that has my somewhat stymied. Nonetheless, I’m certain I’ll push through it.

Again, I apologise for my inactivity in recent months. I’ll try to be better and to be more consistent with updates. Although it may be hard to believe, given all I’ve just said, but I really love this story and I am nowhere near willing to give it up – I will see this through to its conclusion.