Beginner’s Special

“I can’t believe it… the stupid [curse] followed me even to another world…”

After a few minutes of cursing and swearing at nothing in particular, I decided to stop complaining and actually confirm what my new class did. I couldn’t do anything about the fact that my curse seemed to have followed me, so it was a pointless endeavour to spend so much time dwelling on it. Better to use the time and do productive things. I reached out and took hold of the floating golden [Class Crystal].

[Class Crystal (Valkyrie)]
A crystal containing the sealed power of the [Valkyrie] class. Use with [Class Change] to change into a [Valkyrie].

Unsellable, Untradeable

“Uh… [Class Change]?”

When I uttered the name of the skill, the [Class Crystal] began to shine brightly, its light enveloping my body. I felt my clothes disappear, replaced by a new set. The whole process took about thirty seconds, and I ended up back on the ground, in a new set of clothing.

I found myself clothed in a full set of plate armour and chainmail – a collared breastplate over my chest and around my torso, segments of plate on my forearms, with chainmail filling the gaps. My legs were similarly clad in plate armour. A pressure on my forehead caused me to move my unarmoured hands towards it to check, and I found that a helmet had appeared around it. I removed it and took a good look. It was shaped like the front half of a cowl, with two wings appended to its side. It was designed so that it would protect my head without obstructing my vision. It left enough room for my hair to flow out behind it, but somehow it still felt like it fit snugly. I decided not to question it and chalk it up to another absurdity of my current situation.

I slid the helmet back on and experimentally moved my body. Surprisingly, though I was covered in metal, my body didn’t feel any heavier than usual. I was able to make rapid, erratic movements without issue. Odd.

I then noticed that a text box had appeared over the spot where I had used the [Class Crystal]

Class has been changed to [Valkyrie]

Stat correction has been applied.

Check Class details and skills under the [Class] menu

I opened the radial menu next to my HP bar and selected [Class].


Chooser of the Slain. A maiden of war who acts as a vanguard of the gods. A well-balanced warrior skilled in both melee combat and healing magic.
Level 1 / 40 Limit ☆☆☆☆
Stat Correction +400 HP, +150 MP, +30 Str, +30 Mag, +30 End, +30 Res, +15 Agi


 Lance Proficiency

o   Grants a 1.5x boost to power when using [Spear] and [Polearm] weapons

 Healing Proficiency

o   Grants a 1.5x boost to power when casting [Healing] magic

 Divine Eye Lv.1

o   Grants the user the ability to analyse living beings, displaying their Level.

 Armour of Valhalla Lv.1

o   User is clad in armour granted by the gods. Increases in power as the user’s level increases.

o   Current bonus: +20 End, +20 Res

 Divine Favour

o   User is a chosen vanguard of the gods. Increases all damage dealt by 10%, reduces all damage received by 10%

 Auto HPMP Regeneration

o   User passively heals 10% of max HP and MP every 10 minutes.

 [Valkyric Arts] Lv.1

o   War Cry [25 MP] – Forces all enemies in range to attack the user. May be resisted.

o   Divine Scream [30 MP] – Deals damage to all Evil-aligned enemies in a 20m radius.

o   Holy Shield [25 MP] – Surrounds 1 target with a barrier of holy magic that reduces all damage taken by 25% for 1 minute.

o   Bless Weapon [25 MP] – Blesses a weapon. For 15 minutes, the blessed weapon gains the [Holy] attribute in addition to its other attributes.

 [Lance Arts] Lv.1

o   Comet Strike [10 MP] – A lightning-fast attack using a spear.

o   Spear Cyclone [30 MP] – Spins a spear rapidly in a circle, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

 [Healing Arts] Lv.1

o   Prayer [30 MP] – Heals all allies in a 10m radius

o   Cure [25 MP] – Cures 1 status ailment for 1 target in a 30m radius

Okay, that’s a lot of skills. Let’s see here…

I carefully scanned through the list of skills, trying to get a rough idea of what they did. As far as I could tell, the skills listed under [__________ Arts] were active skills, and the other were passives. It seemed that the skills I could use were grouped according to weapon type, or otherwise according to my class. Based on the [Proficiency] and [Arts] skills, it was clear that my [Valkyrie] class specialised in using spears and healing magic.

[Divine Eye] seemed to be the equivalent of an appraisal-type skill. It would probably be helpful once I started coming into contact with living things. The amount of information it could provide me was rather underwhelming, but the [Lv.1] next to it suggested that it might get more powerful in the future.

[Armour of Valhalla] probably referred to the armour I was currently wearing. It meant I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to acquire other armour, so that was nice. Furthermore, it seemed able to increase in strength as I grew, so I was unlikely to outgrow the armour anytime soon. It gave bonuses to Endurance and Resistance, which meant that those two were likely to be the defensive stats. Going by gaming conventions, Endurance would refer to my physical defence, while Resistance would refer to my magical defence. I had no way of confirming it at the moment, but I decided to move forward under those assumptions.

[Divine Favour] and [Auto HPMP Regeneration] sounded ludicrously strong as far as passive skills went – [Divine Favour] was basically free stats at no penalty, while [Auto HPMP Regeneration] meant I didn’t have to worry about my health – resting long enough would recover my HP and MP back to full. Furthermore, both were scaling effects – which, in my experience, tended to be the most ridiculous effects in the long term.

Of course, this was assuming the world I currently inhabited followed the same conventions as a video game, but so far, I had been given no reason to suspect otherwise.

Those stat corrections sounded ridiculous, though. That’s what, three times higher than my previous class?

I was about to close out of the [Class] window to reconfirm my stats, but then I noticed another, smaller text box below the [Class] information screen.

Set a [Subclass]
Hold up a second [Class Crystal] to this window to set it as your [Subclass]. [Subclasses] grant you their stat corrections and gain experience equivalent to 50% of all experience gained by the main [Class]. Skills of the [Subclass] are not accessible, unless otherwise stated.


I recalled the description for my [Gachamancy] – I could use it even if the class was set as my [Subclass]. With that in mind, I quickly registered my [Gachamancer] crystal as my [Subclass] and closed out of the window, re-opening the [Status] window.

Name Brynhildr Weber
Class Valkyrie (☆☆☆☆) / Gachamancer (☆☆☆☆)
Level 1 / 40
Stats HP 100 + 400
MP 50 + 150
Strength 2 + 30
Endurance 2 + 50
Magic 2 + 30
Resistance 2 + 50
Agility 2 + 15
Luck 0 + 30
Skills Gachamancy Lv.1

Login Bonus Lv.1

Item Box Lv.1

Class Change

Lance Proficiency

Healing Proficiency

Armour of Valhalla Lv.1

Divine Eye Lv.1

Divine Favour

Auto HPMP Regeneration

Valkyric Arts Lv.1

Lance Arts Lv.1

Healing Arts Lv.1

Those are way higher stats than before. On top of that, I get stats from the [Subclass] as well?!

With only my prior status as a basis for comparison, the difference in stats seemed ridiculous. But I didn’t know what was the baseline for this world – perhaps I was now only just at the average. Still, it was nice to be stronger, even if only slightly.

Now then, it’s finally time…

I greedily rubbed my hands together. I’d been waiting for this moment since I saw that the option was available to me. I navigated to the [Gacha] menu, tapping on the panel for the [Beginner’s Gacha].

Please present 5 GP

I opened my bag and reached for the GP. As I did, I noted that two colourless [Class Crystals] had appeared in the slots next to the GP. Curious, I focused my attention on them. The words [Class Crystal (Lancer)] and [Class Crystal (Healer)] appeared on them.

The gacha window for the classes did say something about getting the base classes for free. These two were probably the base classes for [Valkyrie]

If they were base classes that led to the [Valkyrie], it stood to reason that they would be weaker than the advanced class. Still, it was probably a good idea to check out what they could do later. For now, though, my main priority was the free SSR weapon!

I retrieved the remainder of the GP in my bag and held it up to the prompt. Like before, the 5 pearls began to shine with a brilliant light – only this time, instead of turning golden, the light turned into a rainbow-coloured light, the seven colours alternating and intermingling. The pile of GP floated off my palm and started to change shape, into a new form, into…

“…A book?”

The light was morphing into a shape that was very clearly that of a book. After a while, the light dispersed, revealing a single, bound tome. Its cover was pure white, with the image of a woman’s face on it, eyes closed, lips open as if speaking. A strange script flowed across its cover in a language I couldn’t read. The book hovered in midair for a moment, before dropping into my outstretched hand.

New Weapon Obtained!
(SSR) Tome [Sibylline] has been obtained.

[Beginner’s Starter Set] has been placed in [Inventory].