I stared at the book in my hand for some time.

A book? Seriously? I’m not a mage, you know? I’m a physical class, you know? Looking at my skills and stats, I’m obviously meant to be a tank, you know?

Why a book?! I don’t even have tome proficiency!

I blinked stupidly for several seconds, then released a great sigh. Well, that was the nature of gacha. It was impossible to know exactly what you were going to get, and it was always possible to get a result that didn’t synergise with your existing setup at all.

Well, this is the only weapon I have, so for the time being I’ll confirm its stats.

I focused my attention on the book, and a window appeared.



Magic Tome

Level: 1 / 40 (☆☆☆☆)

Magic Attack: 20

Physical Attack: 5

Stat Corrections: +10 Mag, +50 MP

Skills: [Time Arts Lv.2] [Foresight Lv.1] [Small MP Regeneration] [Time Savings] [Halftime]

Unsellable, Untradable

…Why does a book have a physical attack stat? Am I supposed to smack people with it? Well, the much higher magic attack suggests that I should be properly using it to cast spells though.

Also, don’t the stat corrections seem a little low for an SSR weapon? My [Valkyrie] job has better stat corrections, and it’s an SR. Maybe classes just had a greater impact on stats than weapons. Well, enough of that. Skills, skills~

I tapped each of the listed skills to confirm their details.

Time Arts Lv.2

[Haste] – Speeds up the user, increasing Agility. 20MP. Lasts for 10 minutes.

[Slow] – Slows down a target, reducing Agility. 20MP. Lasts for 10 minutes.

[Stop] – Stops the movement of time for a target. 80MP. Lasts for 10 seconds.

[Delay] – Interferes with a target’s flow of time, doubling casting speed of all magic. 80MP. Lasts for 1 minute.

Foresight Lv.1

Allows one to perceive danger 1 second before it occurs.

Small MP Regeneration

User recovers 1 MP per minute.

Time Savings

Spells from the [Time Arts] tree have their MP costs reduced by half


Passive [Skills] that trigger based on time intervals have their intervals halved.

Wait, why are all the spells support and buff types? What about attack spells? There are none? What kind of useless tome is this?!

I furrowed my eyebrows. My first and only weapon was a magical tome with no attacking spells. A part of me was extremely worried about how I would proceed from this point, but I decided to avoid reality by checking the other skills.

[Small MP Regeneration] was simple enough to understand. Simple and effective. Same with [Time Savings] – the skill meant that the [Haste] spell would cost me only 10 MP per cast, and given that it lasted 10 minutes, that meant the MP would be completely refunded by [Small MP Regeneration]. Additionally, given that I had [Auto HPMP Regeneration] from the [Valkyrie] class that gave me 20 MP per 10 minutes, I could indefinitely sustain Haste on myself and Slow on two targets. Simple skills, to be sure, but very effective – even though I still had no idea how I was going to attack.

[Foresight Lv.1] seemed useful, though I didn’t know how useful it would be in practice. Knowing when danger was coming would undoubtedly be helpful, but isn’t 1 second too little time to act?

What really caught my attention, though, was the [Halftime] skill. Passive [Skills] that trigger based on time intervals – Without a doubt, that included [Small MP Regeneration] and [Auto HPMP Regeneration]. Based on the skill description, I guessed that it halved the trigger time. In other words, instead of recovering 1 MP per minute, [Small MP Regeneration] would recover 1 MP per 30 seconds. That was good enough by itself, but more importantly, my [Login Bonus] skill triggered based on time interval. It gave me 1 GP per day. With this skill, would it become 2 GP per day?! That meant I could roll the gacha in half the time! That meant I could get a weapon in 3 days! 2 [Classes] a month! The possibilities were endless!

Oh, praise be to you, [Halftime]! You are truly the greatest of skills! Thank you for gracing me with your presence!

Ah, wait, no. That’s bad. I let my excitement get to my head and ended up thinking some embarrassing thoughts. Calm down, calm down.

In the first place, could I even equip the weapon?

As I thought that, a system prompt appeared informing me that the [Sibylline Scripts] had been equipped. It turned out to be a moot concern.

With my first class and my first weapon – if you can call it that – obtained and evaluated, I turned my thoughts to what I was going to do from here.

I was in another world, a game-like world. An opportunity like this didn’t come easily. I could go make a living as an adventurer, or become a merchant and live in luxury, or maybe even go exploring. Maybe I would even find a girlfriend! There were so many things I could do, now that I had landed in this strange world.

Hm? Going home? Why would I want to go home? All that was waiting for me back there was work, work, and then even more work. And when I finally got off work, nagging from my mother. Didn’t have any friends, either. There’s nothing waiting for me back there, so why would I want to go back? I’d much rather live a life of romance and adventure in this new game-like world.

…Well, I was a little worried about my mother. She should be financially secure thanks to what Father left her, but she would undoubtedly be panicking about my absence.

That said, it’s not like I had any inkling of how to get back home, so there was nothing I could do about that for now.

I guess I’ll keep an eye out while continuing to explore this world.

First, though, I had to figure out how to get out of this forest. A map would be nice.

Ah, wait, that’s right, the [Beginner’s Gacha] was supposed to come with a [Beginner’s Starter Set]. Maybe it contained a map.

I opened my bag and peeked inside. Sure enough, there was a medium-sized cardboard box in one of the slots. I picked it up and removed it from the bag. Then I opened it.

Items Obtained

You have acquired:

[Lesser HP Potion] x5

[Lesser MP Potion] x5

[World Map]

[Map of Tirgryanesh (33%)]

30 Gold.

The box dissolved, leaving only its contents behind. I immediately unfurled the rolled-up [World Map]. Apart from a single forest labelled [Tigrynaresh, the Hallowed Forest], the rest of the map was blank. A prompt informed me that the map would be filled in as I found new locations or information about new locations. In other words, for the moment, the map was useless.

I opened the second map, the one that detailed my current area. Similar to the [World Map], most of it was blank, but about a third of it was filled in, detailing water sources, open spaces and danger zones. A pulsing green blip on the map indicated my current location. Focusing on a particular part of the map caused a prompt to appear, listing what kinds of animals and plants could be found in those locations. Most of the plant names I didn’t recognise. Some of the animals I recognised, such as [Deer] or [Boar], but there were also animals that I had only seen as monsters in fantasy games or novels – just south of my position was a large gathering of [Slimes], and to the West, next to the lake, was what appeared to be an encampment of [Pixies]. To the East was the uncharted area of [Tigrynaresh], but the parts of the map that bordered the unexplored zone were all marked by a red cross – the indication of a danger zone. Unlike the other zones, I could not read any information about those zones.

Yeah, that just screams danger. Let’s stay far away.

For the time being, I plotted a course through the forests that was the shortest route to the outside, while also passing by a water source. The good news was that based on the scale of the map, the route was only a little over 12 kilometres – I could cover that within a day. The bad news was that it passed right through the Pixie encampment. If they were friendly, it might be possible to avoid conflict, but if they were hostile to humans, then, well, we would have a problem.

Well, to be honest, I was kind of looking forward to it. I wanted to see what actual, real-life Pixies looked like, and more importantly, I wanted to test out my new abilities in combat. Most pressingly, I had to try and figure out a way to fight using my extremely unusual weapon. With that thought in mind, I stowed the items and began my march.