[SEly] Regarding the Delay

I’m making this post to say that I’d like to sincerely apologise for not having updated yet. As it turns out, this week is the week all my deadlines decided to conspire together to ruin my life. I’m currently suffocating under a vast number of submissions, and therefore have not been able to procure any […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina 148

Chapter 148 found HERE.

In this chapter: The beginning of the end. Only 2 more to go!

If you’ll notice, this chapter is much longer than my usual chapters (almost twice the length, in fact). I thought I’d take the opportunity to address something that numerous people have brought up: namely, the length of my chapters. […]

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New Site Design

Hi all~

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the site design has changed a bit! I made a couple changes to make the site feel more responsive. You might notice that it doesn’t look very different – that’s intentional. The design philosophy for this version, as with the previous one, is one of minimalism, with […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina Chapter 89 + ANNOUNCEMENTS

First off, sorry for the slightly delayed release, was wrangling with a couple of technical difficulties.

Now, before we go into the latest chapter, there are a few announcements I’d like to make, so please bear with me for a bit.

The first, is that if you’ll go to Chapter 9, you’ll find something new at […]

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[LXM] Lily Ex Machina 88

Chapter 88 can be found HERE.

In unrelated news, some of you may have noticed that the site has a snazzy new logo! It’s the first of some changes and additions which I hope to add to the site to make the site – and the world of LXM – prettier and more developed. More […]

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Welcome ^^

Hi! I’m ExtantLily, also known as AcquiHime, an aspiring writer and teacher. This blog will serve as a place for me to host my fictions, the first of which is the one I am currently in the midst of writing, Lily Ex Machina. As time goes on, I will also add on to the blog […]

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