An original story by ExtantLily.


Lily Voirgaire is a girl born with extraordinary talent in a field of magic largely considered useless. She was content with that, happy simply to work diligently towards her goal, her dream of becoming a machinist, a creator of non-magical constructs. She loved her work, and she was good at it. She would spend every day working to get better at her craft, and would eventually become the best machinist in the land!

That was what she thought. That was what was supposed to happen.

But then an accident leaves her with a grave injury and tosses her leagues from her home city. This is the story of her journey.


[Rated 15+ for slight gore, cursing, and slight sexual content. THIS WORK CONTAINS HOMOSEXUALITY.]

Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Yuri, Family, Romance , Tragedy

Tags: Dragons, Female Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist


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EPub, compiled by Japzone!
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