Lily and Iris held the kiss for several seconds. From their hugging position, arms wrapped around each other, Iris’ hands began to move downward. Her small, thin fingers traced invisible lines down Lily’s back, leaving a tingling, longing sensation behind as they crossed the smooth canvas of Lily’s skin. Lily shivered, her face flushing hot. These sensations were new to her, and they caused something to bubble forth within her. She separated her lips from Iris, then brought them back together, kissing more intensely, more passionately, while Iris’ hands reached further down, down, down, down until they gently cupped the curves of her butt, submerged within the still waters of the lake. Iris kept one hand on Lily’s butt, caressing it, while her other hand began to run forward and back across the length of Lily’s back, savouring the feeling of soft flesh beneath her fingers.

Subjected to this torrent of touch, Lily broke off the kiss and gasped, her body quivering. A slight wetness began to collect between her legs, notably different from the water surrounding them. Iris made use of her freed lips to kiss Lily’s neck, and her shoulders, and her neck again. The hand that massaged her butt began to skirt around her thigh, coming around to the front of her hips, lightly brushing against her sex. The moment she felt Iris’ fingers touch that most intimate part of her, she loosed a soft moan and her legs gave way, causing her to fall into the water, dragging Iris along. As water rushed into her open, relaxed mouth, Lily felt a slight drain on her magic as the survival mechanisms in her arms triggered, creating a bubble of air around the two girls. That sensation was quickly swept away by a tingling jolt that ran through her body, the result of Iris spreading open Lily’s moist slit and sliding a finger into it.

Pinning Lily to the ground, Iris played with Lily’s sex, sometimes stretching it open, sometimes skirting around it, sometimes gently fondling the little pink nub that lay at the top of it, eliciting a surprised moan from Lily’s mouth. All the while, Iris continued to kiss Lily’s neck and body, moving down to kissing her breasts, working her way around it, licking and suckling at her nipples. Each time Iris’ tongue flicked Lily’s nipple, a bolt of magical energy ran through Lily, originating from her breasts and rippling out throughout her body, a feeling unlike any she had ever experienced, a feeling that made her moan with desire.

Iris continued to work her way downward, down Lily’s stomach, down her waist. She abruptly removed her fingers from Lily’s sex, leaving a painful longing that made Lily want to cry for Iris’ touch, but that was quickly interrupted by another pleasurable jolt of energy as Iris placed kisses along Lily’s thighs, making sure to attend to both sides, slowly moving upwards, until that, too, stopped. Left in a void of desire, Lily quivered in anticipation, a reaction rewarded by a light lick against her clit. The first jolt of energy, delivered right to her uterus, was almost enough to make her climax. The feeling of Iris’ soft tongue against her most intimate parts made her shut her eyes, her mouth hanging open as she tasted the feeling of melting into Iris. Desperate to climax, she bucked her hips and wrapped her hands around Iris’ head, pulling her lover’s head closer, driving her lover’s tongue deeper.

When she finally came, it was in a long burst of pleasure, her love juices spraying across Iris’ face. Her hips bucked and thrashed as a long moan of intense pleasure left her lips. As she collapsed onto the ground, panting and quivering from the aftermath of her climax, Iris sensually wiped the secretions off her face and licked them off her fingers, her own face flush with desire. Iris cast her gaze to Lily’s slack hands, before gently grabbing hold of one of them – the damaged hand, the one with the mangled fingers. Keeping eye contact with Lily, Iris brought the damaged fingers to her lips and sucked on them. While she did, machines within her mouth whirred to life, repairing the damage. Confronted by the sight of Iris sucking away at her fingers, Lily felt her slit begin to moisten again. As she brought her free hand to her slit and began to finger herself, Iris completed the repair and brought her mouth away from the repaired hand, a line of lubricant trailing from it.

Crawling on all fours, fixing Lily with a gaze of longing, Iris climbed over Lily, stopping with her own dripping wet sex in front of Lily’s face. Lily, needing no further prompting, raised her head and began to tentatively lick Iris’ slit. The first lick sent a shiver of excitement through the android, and each successive lick drove both girls further beyond the point of rationality.

Lily placed her newly-repaired arm around Iris’ back and flipped around, such that Iris was under rather than over her. In that position, she buried her tongue into Iris’ vagina, continuing to finger herself, losing herself in the sweetness of Iris’ lubricating fluids. A number of wires extended from her arms, gently teasing and playing with both Iris’ breasts and her own, bringing both girls closer to climax. As Lily heard Iris’ moans begin to increase in intensity and Iris’ hips began to buck, Lily increased the speed of her masturbation and fondling, determined to climax at the same time.

Finally, a wave of pleasure ran over both of them, causing them to arch their hips and moan in unison, the symphony of two lovers climaxing at once, the sound of two people becoming one.

Their energies spent, Lily and Iris collapsed, panting, side by side. They looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

“”I love you.””

Still basking in the afterglow of sex, their hands reached out for each other. Moving along the sand, their fingers gently brushed against each other, then interlocked. At the bottom of a lake, surrounded by a bubble of air, the two girls had become one.