All profiles on this page are based on the characters’ initial appearances after chapter 92, that is, after both timeskips. As such, there will necessarily be spoilers. You have been warned.

The Puppeteer

Name: Lily Voirgaire

Age: 26

Race: Human

Magic Affinities: Paragon of Extension

Weapon Choice: Hand-to-Hand Combat, ManaScript-based weapons

Battle Role: Frontline Offence/All Rounder.

Likes: Iris, Prei, Tate, Sweet foods, Verbal sparring, Tinkering.

Dislikes: Long-Distance Sea Voyages, Liars


A girl who grew up ridiculed for her ability. Growing up among peers who possessed magic, she was often pitied and laughed at because of her Extension affinity. Called the most useless branch of magic, most suggested she pursue the path of a non-magic user instead, becoming a swordsmaiden or learning to be an ideal wife. Despite that, she disregarded their jibes and chose to forge her own path as a machinist, a creator of mechanical objects. She set her dream to be the world’s greatest machinist, and worked toward that goal.

After being through a period of much loss and suffering, losing so much but gaining so much at the same time, Lily has matured into a logical, calculating, cool-headed woman. She loves her family above all else, and will go to any lengths to ensure the happiness of the three girls who have followed her all these years, especially Iris. Iris holds a special place in her heart, which even Prei cannot intrude into. Despite her initial intention of keeping a distance, she has come to regard Victoria – mayor of the trade city Riasode – as a true friend, holding a good relationship with the people of Riasode.


The Relic

Name: Iris

Race: Inorganic

Age: ???

Magical Affinities: N/A. Inorganic magic system with the ability to generate and fire large blasts of concentrated mana through an external medium.

Weapon Choice: Long, cylindrical objects used to channel high-density beams of pure, concentrated mana. She calls them Shooters, and she has several, of differing sizes, stored in various compartments in her largely hollow body. She also has a set of 16 long, flat, diamond-shaped panels, each about a metre long, stored in her back. She calls them Varia, and they can be controlled independently. Each has a shooter in-built, as well.

Battle Role: Rear Artillery

Likes: Lily, Lubricating Oil, Birds, Emotions

Dislikes: Rust, Sand


A metal girl that Lily rescued from a pod in a deserted wasteland. The name “Iris” was given to her by Lily. Iris lives solely for Lily’s sake, with Lily’s happiness her top priority. She has databanks filled with information that has been lost to the world due to the passage of time, but she has no memories of what happened before she was sealed in the pod, or why she was sealed in the pod. Everything about her is a mystery, but she is a very important existence to Lily, just as Lily is a very important existence to her.

Over the years, she has started to develop proper emotions, transcending the limits of her hardware. She can feel anger, fear, disappointment and love, even though her initial programming was written to be capable of producing these strong, unproductive emotions. Despite this, she herself is not sure of her past, or indeed of her feelings. Nothing in her emergency protocols have instructions for dealing with the emergence of true human emotion, leaving her to figure out how to deal with it herself. She harbours a deep love for Lily, but prioritises Lily’s happiness above all others’, even her own; she would rather Lily be happy with another person than to be unhappy with her.


The Protector

Name: Tate Clarimonde

Race: Half-human, Half-Intelligent Weapon

Age: 19

Magical Affinities: N/A. Unique system that is a mix of both organic and inorganic magic systems: She can use mana from around her to perform actions that she’s not “built” to perform, but she may only use magic that is linked in some way to the conceptual notion of “being a shield”.

Weapon Choice: Shield

Battle Role: Frontline Defence

Likes: Shields, Weapons, Shields, Metallurgy, Shields, Her Parents, Lily, Prei, Shields, Negotiating.

Dislikes: Overly frilly dresses, Spiders


The young daughter of Jeremiah and Jeanne, who run a smithy that specialises in defensive equipment. Jeanne is not a human, but is, in fact, an intelligent weapon: a shield furnished with an advanced AI. Tate is, as their offspring, a hybrid of human and intelligent weapon, making her a unique existence. Due to her mana signature resonating with Lily’s, she was compelled by her nature as a shield to follow and serve Lily, or face severe discomfort. While she did it begrudgingly at first, she’s come to enjoy being in Lily’s company, and has come to her own decision to protect Lily as best she can, considering Lily to be a special existence. Good friends with Iris, bound by a common desire to keep Lily alive.

With the addition of Prei to their group, Tate became a bit like the neglected older sibling of the group: Lily’s attentions were focused on raising Prei, while Prei herself looked up to Tate as an older sister. This was a situation Tate was perfectly fine with. She never was one to stand in the spotlight, after all. She sees herself as a shield, and a shield does not take center stage – it hopes to never be required.

As a shield, Tate has been Lily’s constant companion and secondary source of support. While Iris’ support is a warm, gentle embrace, the emotional support that Tate offers is more like a steadfast, strong, unwavering pillar.

Tate’s name has become renowned throughout the demon-controlled continent of Jin-Asalys as the name of a great blacksmith, specialising in armor. She is constantly flooded with work, and therefore has little time to worry about not receiving as much of Lily’s attention. Even so, she is wholly devoted to Lily, and will prioritise Lily’s requests over any other smithing orders.

In addition to her fame as a blacksmith, Tate has gained another popular nickname within Riasode – “The Immovable Palisade” – due to her uncompromising business negotiation strategies, which leveraged the prestige of her brand and the quality of her work to great effect, never budging on a minimum premium price paid for her goods. The “Palisade” segment of the nickname came from her specialisation in defensive goods. A popular figure of speech that has developed in Riasode goes along the lines of “haggling with the Immovable Palisade”, a phrase used to describe an action that is depressingly pointless.


The Fighter

Name: Prei

Race: White Plated Dragon

Age: Physically 18, mentally 22.

Magical Affinities: Paragon of All Elemental Magic

Weapon Choice: Magic, Spears

Battle Role: All-rounder

Likes: Lily, Wind, Sunlight, Learning, Meat, Fighting.

Dislikes: Cramped places, Arrows, Dishonorable behaviour


A mysterious girl found trapped in the power source for an ancient mechanical serpent. She possesses an inhumanly high amount of mana. She has no memories of what happened to her, but the first thing she saw upon waking was Lily, so she sees Lily as her mother. Due to being trapped in the crystal for some time, her physical age is advanced ahead of her mental age, causing her to act more child-like than her appearance would suggest. She is highly intelligent and curious, learning new things quickly and digesting new information easily. Due to her nature, she matures far quicker than a human, and thus her mental age is now advanced ahead of her physical age.

It was later discovered that she was, in fact, a White Plated Dragon in humanoid form – the daughter of the dragon which had bitten off Lily’s legs. Lily, however, still treats Prei as her own daughter, dismissing Prei’s attempts to apologise for her parents’ actions.

Prei later went to train with the knights of Riasode, to further explore her interest in fighting and the martial arts. There, she quickly made a name for herself, advancing quickly and becoming a guest instructor. She has been infected somewhat by their notions of knightly conduct, but her primary allegiance still remains with Lily. If there comes a situation where she must choose between Lily and the city, she will choose Lily.