Volume 1 – Elysium

Chapter 0: A Finished Story

Chapter 1: In Memoriam

Chapter 2: An Annoying Person

Chapter 3: A New World

Chapter 4: Thirst

Chapter 5: An Unfurnished Room

Chapter 6: In Pursuit of Knowledge

Chapter 7: On the Applications of Magic

Chapter 8: Intentions and Stories

Chapter 9: A Tale of the Past

Chapter 10: Gaps

Chapter 11: Seeking Employment

Chapter 12: A New Aesthetic

Chapter 13: The First Night

Chapter 14: Cleaning Up

Chapter 15: A Second Meeting

Chapter 16: Of Gods and Faith

Chapter 17: Stirrings

Chapter 18: Shopping

Chapter 19: Nursing Wounds

Chapter 20: Recovery

Chapter 21: Peaceful Days

Chapter 22: On Misfortune

Chapter 23: The Tax Collector Cometh

Chapter 24: Personal Finance

Chapter 25: An Alternative

Chapter 26: Opening Night

Chapter 27: Afterglow

Chapter 28: Questionable Practices

Chapter 29: Opportunity

Chapter 30: The Eccentric Merchant

Chapter 31: Negotiations

Chapter 32: Disagreement

Chapter 33: Franchising

Chapter 34: Reconciliation

Chapter 35: Errands

Chapter 36: Prelude to Destiny

Chapter 37: First Concert

Chapter 38: Beginning of a Journey

Editor’s Note


Volume 2 – Glint

Chapter 1: A Brief Introduction

Chapter 2: Initiative

Chapter 3: Pursuit

Chapter 4: Confrontation

Chapter 5: Employment Pitch

Chapter 6: Banter

Chapter 7: First Impression

Chapter 8: Homecoming

Chapter 9: A Spot of Exercise

Chapter 10: Tailors and Tutors

Chapter 11: Disturbance

Chapter 12: An Old Acquaintance

Chapter 13: A Practical Demonstration

Chapter 14: Night Lesson

Chapter 15: Theoretical Possiblity

Chapter 16: Resound

Chapter 17: Sounds Magical

Chapter 18: A Final Test

Chapter 19: A Sound Idea

Chapter 20: Anneliese

Chapter 21: Improvisations

Chapter 22: A Field of Stars

Chapter 23: A New Start

Chapter 24: Lingering Attachments

A Note from the Editor

Volume 3 – Dissolution

Chapter 1: Opener

Chapter 2: Wrap Party

Chapter 3: Conference Call

Chapter 4: Paperwork

Chapter 5: The Chancellor

Chapter 6: For Your Sake

Chapter 7: Rooftop Altercation

Chapter 8: Hard At Work

Chapter 9: Alpha

Chapter 10: Security Details

Chapter 11: Actors on a Stage

Chapter 12: Crescendo

Chapter 13: Detained

Chapter 14: Return

Chapter 15: Situation Report

Chapter 16: Press Release

Chapter 17: Playacting

Chapter 18: Lies and Secrets

Chapter 19: Rosalind and the Emperor

Chapter 20: Public Execution

Chapter 21: Coronation

A Note from the Editor

Volume 4 – The Doll and The Weapon

Chapter 1a: A Doll with No Name

Chapter 1b: A Weapon with Many Names

Chapter 2a: First Day on the Job

Chapter 2b: The Weapon and the Council

Chapter 3a: Directives

Chapter 3b: Dyros

Chapter 4a: Church and State

Chapter 4b: Girl Meets Weapon

Chapter 5a: Courtly Matters

Chapter 5b: Duel

Chapter 6a: Objection

Chapter 6b: Sister

Chapter 7a: Ring

Chapter 7b: A Brief Explanation

Chapter 8a: Critical Error

Chapter 8b: Dance of Registration

Chapter 9a: Dreams of the Past I

Chapter 9b: Re-Negotiations

Chapter 10a: Dreams of the Past II

Chapter 10b: Serena’s Fate

Chapter 11a: Waking from a Dream

Chapter 11b: A Compromise

Chapter 12a: Whiterose

Chapter 12b: The Clearing

Chapter 13a: Advent’s Homecoming

Chapter 13b: Of Lost Childhood

Chapter 14a: The Prodigal Daughter

Chapter 14b: The Cat and the Spear

Chapter 15a: Doubt

Chapter 15b: Genesis

Chapter 16a: I Am Advent

Chapter 16b: The Mad God

Chapter 17a: New History

Chapter 17b: Divine Imperative

Chapter 18a: A Long-Awaited Parting

Chapter 18b: The Friend of the Goddess

Chapter 19a: The Winds of Change

Chapter 19b: Fate Turns On

A Note from the Editor

Volume 5 – The Fall of an Empire

Chapter 1: Bedside Visitation

Chapter 2: The Games We Play

Chapter 3: A Clandestine Meeting I