A Note From the Editor

And so, dear readers, you have learned of how I came to power – through deception and, as much as it pains me to admit it, through seduction. Well, to say that I came to power is not quite correct. After all, as Empress, my only role was to support the Emperor as best I could. I was expected to stay away from politics, from the intrigues of the court, from things that were seen as “men’s work”. I had no real power – I was simply a courtesan with a title, whose sole duty was to ensure that the Emperor had a warm bed and a loving wife to return to.

Of course, that wasn’t what I wanted. Just a title wouldn’t be enough to make Julio Kronschild regret that he had ever attempted to use Elysium and I in his little ploys. Thankfully, I eventually got the power I needed – you could even say that Julio himself handed it to me. But that’s a tale for another volume, to be told by another individual who had a far greater stake in his fate than I.

But first, a word about Elysium. As you have probably surmised, everything Elysium said to me or did to me in the public eye was carefully calculated, and meticulously planned. She was merely playing her part in our little performance, and I’m glad to say that many were convinced. I remember numerous people coming up to me and offering their support for me. It made me feel a little bad for deceiving them like this, but it was necessary for our little stunt to work. If any of you are reading this, I’m sorry!

Elysium was, has always been, and will always be my greatest friend. That singular fact has never changed. Even after she left us, she’s always been in my mind – and in my heart. She will always be my best friend and the woman I loved.

Now then, Glint has done an admirable job in recounting our experiences over the last two volumes, but next volume, a new voice takes the stage. It’s someone you’ve already met, though perhaps you didn’t pay much attention to her. She’ll be the next one to carry on the torch of our story, along with… well, you’ll see.